Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the ConneXion program fees? How much will this cost me?

At launch, participation in the ConneXion program costs $10 per vehicle tag and a $50 initial pre-payment of your tolls.

ConneXion users pay lower rates for their tolls than travellers. When your ConneXion account balance becomes low, you may select the amount that you deposit into the account.

Q: When using the ConneXion program do I get discounts on tolls?

Yes, ConneXion program users with a positive account balance automatically receive a discount on their toll fare.

Q: What is the toll discount for ConneXion program users?

Cars and Motorcycles using the ConneXion tags benefit from a $0.50 discount from the regular toll rate.

Trailers also benefit from a $0.25 per axle discount from the standard toll rate for trailers.

Q: Can I automate my ConneXion program payments?

Yes, the ConneXion program offers an automated account top-up function.

The default amount is $50 however it can be configured to a value that is more suitable to your circumstances.

Q: Does the ConneXion program allow me to use dedicated and automated lanes?

Although it may not be listed on overhead signage, ConneXion is accepted in all toll lanes.

Q: How do I sign up for and join the ConneXion program?

Visit or to register for your account.

Your ConneXion program adhesive tag will be sent within 10 days of confirmation of payment.

Q: How do I contact customer support?

Contact the ConneXion program support team at [email protected].

Q: How are bridge tolls charged? How does the ConneXion program work?

When creating your ConneXion program account, you will be asked for credit card information and authorization to pre-pay $50 in tolls. By mail, you will be provided with a radio-frequency device that is to be mounted on your vehicle’s windshield.

Every time you cross through the automated lane in the toll plaza, antennas in the lane will discover your car’s device and a discounted toll fare will be debited from your account.

You can also configure your account to allow for automatic top-ups when it falls to a level that is insufficient to cover your next crossing’s toll. This will ensure hassle-free cashless crossings every time.

Q: How and where do I install the ConneXion program tag?

The ConneXion program tag is mounted to the inside of your vehicle’s windshield. It is supplied with instructions for its placement.

Q: Can I use the ConneXion program with a motorcycle?

Yes, absolutely. Motorcycles are eligible for the ConneXion program.

When you enroll, you can purchase up to 4 tags for use with your account so that all of your vehicles can share the same account.

Q: What happens if I use a ConneXion program automated lane when towing a trailer?

Cars with trailers are automatically detected by the ConneXion system and the toll fees are discounted by $0.25 per axle for the trailer.

Q: How do I update my ConneXion program account, password, contact information or credit card information?

To update your account information, simply visit the ConneXion program web site at and log in to your account using your account number and the password that you provided when registering.

Q: How do I find out my ConneXion program account balance?

To see your account balance and other information, simply visit the ConneXion program web site at and log in to your account using the account name and password that you provided when registering.

Q: What happens at tolls if my ConneXion program account balance is low or empty?

If you have opted for the automatic top-up feature when your registered for the ConneXion program, your credit card account will automatically be charged the amount that you pre-selected (default is $50) when your ConneXion account falls below the $5 threshold. You will receive a notification when this process occurs.

If you have not opted for the automated top-up feature, you will receive a low balance notification to prompt you to visit the website and add funds to your account. If there are insufficient funds in your ConneXion account when you arrive at tolls, you will be required to make a credit or debit card payment for the full value of the crossing.

Discounted toll fares are only available to ConneXion account holders with a positive balance in their account.

Q: What are the ConneXion program’s terms and conditions? Are there any hidden costs?

The fees associated with the ConneXion program are only those to obtain your tag and to prepay your toll fares. There are no hidden fees. To see the full scope of the ConneXion program’s terms and conditions, please visit

Q: What do I do if I think that my ConneXion program tag is defective?

Contact the ConneXion program support team at [email protected] to report a tag that is suspected to be defective.

Q: What do I do if my ConneXion program tag is lost or stolen?

Contact the ConneXion program support team at [email protected] to report a lost, stolen or damaged tag.

Q: What do I do if I sell my car and/or buy a new one?

Log into your account at to order additional tags or to cancel existing tags.

Q: What do I do if I think that my ConneXion program account balance is wrong?

Contact the ConneXion program support team at [email protected] to review your account and transaction history.

Q: I’m not using the bridge anymore, how do I close my ConneXion program account and get a refund?

Contact the ConneXion program support team at [email protected] to close your account.

Please note that a $5 administration fee will be charged and that only account balances higher than $5 will be refunded.

Q: If I drive into a lane that is being staffed by an attendant, will the tolls be automatically assigned to the ConneXion account?

Automated reading of ConneXion tags is not active in staffed lanes. To ensure automated tolling, please only use designated lanes.

In a staffed lane, to charge the toll transaction to the ConneXion account, the toll attendant will scan the ConneXion tag using a manual bar code reader.

Q: Is ConneXion available in both directions from and to Canada?

No, FBCL is responsible for the Canadian portion of the Bridge and ConneXion applies only to the US-bound traffic.

We are working closely with MDOT but the Department has other priorities at the moment and are not participating to the ConneXion Program at this time.

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