Terms and Conditions

The following terms & conditions, together with your Federal Bridge Corporation Limited - Blue Water Bridge (FBCL-BWB)Account, constitute your Blue Water Bridge Commercial Toll Account Agreement. This account agreement is between your company and The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL - BWB) and it’s successors*. Your Blue Water Bridge Canadian Commercial Toll Account will be operable on the Canadian side only of the Blue Water Bridge. Please read these terms and conditions and keep them for your records. When you open your Blue Water Bridge Canadian Commercial Toll Account and a Card is used, you agree as follows:

a) Failure to comply with this agreement may result in termination of your Account.
b) You may not assign the obligations or benefits of this Agreement.
c) Failure to pay Account charges may result in penalties.
d) Use of the card does not replace the users’ obligation to pay all fees and charges that may be owing to FBCL-BWB at any time and is simply a method of facilitating payments.
e) You must comply with all applicable traffic laws, regulations, signs, signals, and directions of FBCL-BWB employees and law enforcement officers.

a) When you use a card at the Blue Water Bridge you authorize FBCL-BWB to debit your Account for the charges incurred.
b) You must maintain a sufficient balance in your Account, and may not permit Card use unless a sufficient balance is maintained.
c) If at any time you are asked to surrender your Card you must do so immediately up on request.
d) In ordering additional Cards you agree to pay a per-Card fee for any number up to and including a maximum per order limit of 200 Cards.

a) You must maintain a prepaid amount in your Account to cover applicable charges to your Account. Applicable charges, if any, will be deducted from your Account each time the Card is used. FBCL-BWB will also deduct from your Account applicable administrative fees incurred pursuant to this Agreement.
b) No interest will be paid on balances in your Account.
c) Statements of your Account will be available electronically on a monthly basis.
d) You will be charged a fee for any request to retrieve a statement previously provided.
e) Administrative fees may be billed directly to your Account. In addition to any other remedies you may have at law, you may contest the imposition of charges or administrative fees to FBCL-BWB. Such challenge must be in writing and must be made within 90 days from the date of the transaction.

a) You must pay a minimum prepaid amount sufficient to pay Account charges for a one-month period.
b) Your Account will be replenished by your prepaid amount when your Account balance decreases to or below the replenishment point determined for your Account based on past use.
c) An Account analysis is performed automatically on all accounts to determine your replenishment point and replenishment payment amount. If your monthly use is consistently above or below your prepaid amount, FBCL-BWB will adjust your prepaid amount to approximate a month’s level of use.
d) Depending on usage or other charges to your Account, there may be more than one replenishment transaction in one statement period.

a) If you use the Card when your Account is in a negative balance, suspended or revoked or after the Card has been reported lost or stolen, you may: incur an administrative fee of up to $50 per occurrence; be charged the full undiscounted charge; and/or: be asked to surrender the Card to FBCL-BWB via certified mail or to a FBCL-BWB employee.

a) Lost or stolen Cards must be reported in writing to FBCL-BWB immediately. As soon as possible, FBCL-BWB will cancel all Cards reported as lost or stolen and will attempt to refuse to honour lost or stolen Cards. Cancelled Cards reported lost or stolen will not be re-activated. You are responsible for the authorized and unauthorized use of Cards prior to cancellation or recovery.
b) You will not be liable for unauthorized Card use that occurs after you notify FBCL-BWB in writing, of loss, theft or possible unauthorized use. However, for the replacement of a lost, stolen, defaced or damaged Card, you will be charged (see Section 14).
c) If the Card is non-operational for reasons other than abuse or improper use, and the Card is returned to FBCL-BWB, FBCL-BWB will replace the Card at no charge.

You agree that FBCL-BWB will have no obligation or liability whatsoever to you with respect to your use of or the performance of the Card. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, FBCL-BWB from and against all damage, loss, cost, expense, or liability relating to, arising from, or as a result of , the use or performance of the Card.

a) You may terminate this Agreement at any time by returning all Cards and notifying FBCL-BWB in writing. Cards remain the property of FBCL-BWB. Upon termination and return of the Cards, your Account balance, if any, will be refunded to you. An administrative fee of will be charged to close your Account and process any refund owing to you. All outstanding charges will be deducted prior to such refund.
b) FBCL-BWB may terminate the agreement upon 14 days written notice at any time.

You agree to pay all costs, including legal or process fees incurred by FBCL-BWB to collect any monies due under the terms of this Agreement.

FBCL-BWB may change the terms of this Agreement or the Administrative Fees at any time by advance written notice. Such modified terms shall take effect on the date specified therein. The invalidity of any term or terms of this Agreement shall not affect any other term of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario. You agree to inform FBCL-BWB of any changes to the information provided by you on your Account.

FBCL-BWB respects the privacy of all Account holders. Account information will not be disclosed to third parties without your written consent except as permissible by the law and the policies of FBCL-BWB. For a copy of our Privacy Policy, please send your request to the email address listed below.

By establishing your Account you consent to receive from FBCL-BWB statements, invoices and occasional emails with toll service updates, features and user instructions, trend information and toll system explanations, as well as email newsletters containing other information about new offers, special events and instructions from FBCL-BWB regarding the Blue Water Bridge.

Please send payments and Card returns to:

The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited
Blue Water Bridge Canada
Fourth Floor
1555 Venetian Blvd.
Point Edward, ON N7T 0A9
Attention: Commercial Accounts

All other correspondence or violation inquires may also be sent via email to:
[email protected]


  • Cost of New Card $ 0.00
  • Cost of replacement Card if damaged, lost or stolen $ 2.00
  • Duplicate copy of statement $ 20.00
  • Account Revocation Fee (cancellation) $ 20.00
  • NSF Fee $ 25.00
  • Violation Fee (please refer to Section 5)
  • Administration Fee $ 20.00
  • Account Closure Processing Fee $ 20.00

* In the event that FBCL-BWB transfers their ownership of the Blue Water Bridge to another federal entity or amalgamates with another federal entity then all benefits and/or obligations contained herein shall thereafter vest in the transferee or amalgamated entity and FBCL-BWB shall have no other involvement thereafter.